Your local solution to global logistics





Your Local Solution to Global Logistics

China Progress Int'l Forwarding Company (CPI)is an established,reliable worldwide network of independent forwarding agent that provides a level of flexibility,global-reach service and local expertise unmatched by any single multinational.

CPI offers a full range of dependable transportation,air and ocean freight,and comprehensive logistics solutions- warehousing,import and export for any type and size of cargo shipment destined for any location in the world.

About Us

China Progress International Forwarding Co.,Ltd (CPI) was founded in year 2004.  With approval from China Ministry of Commerce, and NVOCC license approved by China Ministry of Transportation, CPI is now member of WCA, FIATA, CIFA, and also a member of USA FMC filing companies.

CPI’s scope of business covers: Ocean freight, air freight, land transportation, railway transportation......

Our advantage

Strong ability to deal with special cargo transportation (lead-acid battery, fragile as glass, fruits, vegetables, frozen processing plants, door to door transportation, the cargo transport, bulk cargo transportation, etc.)

· Professional third party entrepot trade

· Global freight management ability

· Multimodal transport operation ability

· A partnership with ship company

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